WFD New Main Fleet
2015 Mixed
513 (3rd Out)
2014 1500 GPM
517 Special Ops
2014 F-350
WFD-51 Newest Vehicle for Special Operations 517 F-350 replaced the 1993 F-150. This vehicle one of the departments most versatile and will respond to Water & Ice Rescues and will pull the Department Rescue Boat and Transport 3-Kayaks, this will also be used in server storm conditions (Floods, Snow included with a snow plow). This unit and TRT-Trailer is also part of the Glo. Co. TRT respond Team one of 5 in Glo. Co. Delivered March 13, 2014
WFD Fleet 2013
2013 Fleet WFD
June 2013 Woodbury Fire Department Fleet
2012 F-350 4X4
Use for Many Department needs to include TRT-Tarailer, Parking Garage Veh. Fires, Marine Rescuse, RIC Assignments, Fire Marshal Investagations.
2012 F-350 4X4
Command Car 500
2005 2005 Dodge/Ford
Command Center for IC
Quint 516 (2nd Out)
2003 75 ft. E-one Quint ladder
Eng. 511 Eng/Rescue (Sold)
1996 Lervern 1250 GPM Pumper
No Longer in service by the W.F.D, Truck was sold to Burville CN.
Marine 5
1993 16 ft.
Marnie Unit-5 (Pick-Up Truck Given to Public Works
1993 16 ft. Marine Unit
Eng. 512
1980 1000 GMP Peirce
Replaced 1962 Seagraves Engine Still in service in 2011.
Pumper Custom
1980 1000 GMP Peirce Custom
Ladder Platform
1975 LTI 85 ft. Imperial aerial Ladder
Ladder as shown in photo is after it was refurbished in 1989 w/ changes to the bucket and the jump seat where in closed to meet the Newer NFPA Std.'s of that time.
LIT 85 ft Ladder Plateform
1975 Imperial
4' Ladder Pipe, SCBA hook ups for two FF in bucket, tools in bucket Axes, rope, Rf. ladder, 25' hand line, hand lights, Elc. Outlets, flood & spot lights, pike pole, nozzle fittings. State of the Art equipment for it times. This ladder fought Fires in many different towns and County from Residential to Commercial and Industrial fires. Housed Aug. 5, 1975.
1969 100' ft. Seagrave Aerial
Replaced 1948 LA France
1962 1962 Seagraves
Bob Warfield on Rear tail Board member of Goodwill Fire #2 in Woodbury at time of this photo.
In service until 1980 Replaced by 1000 GMP Pierce Still in Service Today 2011.
Attack Pumper
1955 Ford 500 GPM
The Ford Attack Pumper was the 1st. Engine out from 1955 until June 1980. This Engine was instrumental in many large fires in the City of Woodbury for three decades.

Some of the Major Fires: Belber Trunk, The Ability Center, The Moose Lodge, St. Pats School, The Gloucester County Bank, Beneficial Building, The Cotton Building, The Shoe Box, Many Apartment & Dwelling Fires.

This was the longest and most Reliable Engine placed in Service at Friendship Fire Co.
1951 1951 Packard
75 ' ft. Ladder
1948 American La France Quint Ladder/Truck
In Service from 1948 until 1969 replaced with Seagrave Aerial. The Bell on the front left bumper on passenger side of cab has been placed on every ladder truck since this ladder before going into service. This Bell is presently on the 2003 Quint the bell is presently.
1941 Mack 750-GPM Pumper
1940 1st. Fire Company Ambulance
Motorized Ladder
1925 1st. Motorized Ladder
Retrofitted & Updated Ladder
1925 Motorized Ladder with Windshield
Dash & Windsheild Added to Protect drive from stones and dust.
1st. Motorized Engine
1916 Ahrens-Fox Model K-3 Serial # 622
Ahrens-Fox Model K-3 facts: The K-3 was a 3-in-1 engine; pumper, hose car, and had a chemical tank.
The pump was 700 gpm, positive displacement piston pump. The engine carried 1250-ft. of 2?? hose
and a 40-gallon chemical tank with a top speed of 30 mph.
This is currently stored at Goodwill Fire Copmany on North Broad Street
Horse Drawn Steamer
1911 Ahrens-Fox Continental Steamer 3rd Class
Continental model facts: This engine was a "3rd size" engine and rated at 600 gpm and weighs in at 6800
pounds. The steamer cost $5,150. Height is 9' 3" and over all length is 12' 11" (23' 4" with pole). The track
between the wheels is 56 1/2". The pump is multiple-cylinder (2), double-acting, piston, positive displacement
pump. The pump cylinders on our steamer are 4 3/8" x 8". The driving steam pistons are 7 1/4" x
8". Fuel was coal for the boiler and the boiler has hooked-up to a boiler in the firehouse to keep the water
warm to achieve steam faster during a fire response.
This is currently stored in our Museam at 29 Delaware Street
1st. Ladder
1898 Horse Drawn Ladder
1st. Friendship Fire Company ladder shown in Photo in from of 1846 Fire house which was located on Copper Street & Henrys Court behind court house on Broad & Cooper Street.
Hand Pumper
1799 The Philip Mason hand pumper was delivered
July 8, 1799 The Philip Mason hand pumper was delivered
This is currently stored in our Museam at 29 Delaware Street

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