Dave Laverty Scholarship

David A Laverty Scholarship

Every year since 1986 the Friendship Fire Company has awarded a member of the graduating class of Woodbury High School with a scholarship in the memory of past president David A Laverty. 

Dave was President of the Friendship Fire Company from 1975 to 1985 after his untimely passing.  As a member Dave also worked for the City of Woodbury in the Public Works Department, Dave died while working at the City Pumping Station on Hunter Street on September 5th 1985. It was reported that Dave recused another city employee from a storm drain and then never surfaced from the well himself. 


1986Michael Graziani
1987Tracey Day
1988Suzanne Grant
1989Michael Stibich
1990Joseph E. Doyle Jr.
1991Brian Davison
1992Meghan McQuade
1993Timothy Doyle
1994Theresa Beck
1995Stephen Wakemen
1996John P. Carter
1997Brett Steinberg
1998Stefanie Anderson
1999Matthew McQuade
2000Nathaniel Weber
2001Christin Repas
2002Timothy Anderson
2003Ryan Lange
2004Tiffany Gligor
2005Kyle Gotthardt
2006Edward Trout
2007Rebecca Schaffer
2008Michael Bain
2009James Laverty
2009William Volk
2010Dale Davis
2011Robert DiRugeris
2012Brandon Volk
2013Clinton Conyer
2014Justin Gartner
2014Brad Volk
2014Michael Lynch
2015Jonathan Schollenberger
2016Dwayne Stanton Jr
2017Not Awarded
2018Joseph Doyle III
2019Tymothy Devita


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